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The First Paris Baguette in Toronto opens!

To the delight of pastry lovers across the city, Paris Baguette, a popular South Korean bakery chain, recently opened its doors in Toronto.

The new location, located in the heart Yonge/Sheppard offers a variety of delicious baked goods and treats.

Entering the bakery, customers are greeted with an array of tempting pastries. The selection is impressive, from flaky croissants to fluffy brioche buns. The bakery also offers a wide range of cakes, including its signature strawberry shortcake, as well as macarons, tarts and other confections.

But it’s not just the delicious baked goods that make Paris Baguette stand out. The bakery also boasts a stylish and modern interior, with an open kitchen that allows customers to watch their treats being prepared fresh on the spot.

The bright and airy space is decorated with an abundance of greenery, creating a refreshing and welcoming atmosphere.

Beyond the mouth-watering delights and the chic décor!

For those looking for a quick and satisfying meal, Paris Baguette also offers a range of savory items including sandwiches and salads.

And for those who prefer to enjoy their treats at home, the bakery also offers a selection of packaged goods.

All in all, the opening of Paris Baguette in Toronto is a welcome addition to the vibrant Toronto baking scene. With its delicious treats, stylish interior, and commitment to quality ingredients and traditional baking methods, it’s sure to become a destination for pastry lovers across the city.

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Photos by Simon Williams-Im / SimplySimon30 (Insta)


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