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The First Paris Baguette in Toronto opens!

To the delight of pastry lovers across the city, Paris Baguette, a popular South Korean bakery chain, recently opened its doors in Toronto. The new location, located in the heart Yonge/Sheppard offers a variety of delicious baked goods and treats. Entering the bakery, customers are greeted with an array of tempting pastries. The selection isContinue reading “The First Paris Baguette in Toronto opens!”

Exploring The ROM

Toronto is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario and is viewed as a hub of business, finance, arts and culture. Toronto is home to around 54,000 Koreans, reports the Canada 2016 Census. The city is home to the famous Kim’s Convenience alongside a wide range of Korean experiences and artwork as it happens.Continue reading “Exploring The ROM”

Toronto Korean Festival

[Special Blog] As summer slowly comes to an end, Toronto hosted the Korean Festival which included a range of vendors that added sparkle to the festivities, there was even a Squid Game event (which, interestingly is coming to reality with a competition with a $4 million prize!). The event was hosted in North York andContinue reading “Toronto Korean Festival”

[KHR] Korean Art: Toronto Art Show 2022

The long-awaited return of the Toronto Art Show by Sunny Gallery returns after delays due to COVID-19. Toronto Art Show showcases several works by Korean-Canadians and Koreans based back in Korea. The opening night that which was held on Thursday 28th May 2022 featured the inspiring Salpuri dance and music by Korean Music Canada. TheContinue reading “[KHR] Korean Art: Toronto Art Show 2022”

[KHR] Korean food & more – near you in 2022 (#Toronto)

SeoulTheJourney is working alongside Korean Cultural Centre Canada (KCC – KHR) –  In this blog, we will introduce several fantastic Korean locations that are well worth a visit!  Start the adventure with our short video (below) In the video, we highlight many locations and we are going to tell you about a few more to add to yourContinue reading “[KHR] Korean food & more – near you in 2022 (#Toronto)”