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Social Media Policy

Photographs and content on SeoulTheJourney have been created by Simon Williams-Im and remain my property/trademark unless stated/linked to the original source.

Collaboration & SeoulTheJourney The blog is open to collaboration with those seeking to create a working relationship and I invite you to reach out to me via my main website here.

Please note any advertisements and solicitations of any kind that are posted on the blog or social media will be removed.

Korean Cultural Center Canada & Honorary Reporters

SeoulTheJourney and Simon Williams-Im will be producing material which will be published periodically on the blog (normally on a Monday on a weekly/biweekly/monthly basis) alongside our weekly blogs.

SeoulTheJourney doesn’t tolerate any forms of discrimination, bad language, negativity or disruptive comments and as such will remove any comments that intend to do so.

All opinions expressed on SeoulTheJourney are those of the editorial team, please follow to see my website should you have questions or concerns.

All communications will be responded to within 48 hours – if there is a delay, I want to express a sincere apology.

To contact Simon, please visit my personal Linkedin.

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