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Seoul – The Journey

Simon Williams-Im

My name is Simon Williams-Im and I’m a blogger.

I’m originally from Birmingham, England, and I have spent my life on an open ticket adventure that included time living in Jerusalem (Israel), Brussels (Belgium) and Seoul (South Korea).

For nearly nine years, I called ‘Seoul’ home and I ended up finding love and now the adventure gets more mysterious and I’m living with passport in hand and taking a new adventure in Canada.

But Seoul remains, home.

And, to be honest, I still live a Korean life in many ways and so I want to help new visitors to Korea to find their way around Seoul and to explore Korea without a problem and to enjoy Korea for what it certainly is, a country of morning calm and a super busy place – with many opportunities to engage in culturally inspiring activities.

As for Canada, I want to introduce the many amazing quirks that I found during my life in Korea that are clearly missing from the ever developing country.

Life is an adventure!


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