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Honorary Reporter for

Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS)

SeoulTheJourney will work alongside the KOCIS’s Honorary Reporters program for 2023. Seoulthejourney previously was involved with the project between March 2022- November 2022/December 2022 .

SeoulTheJourney was selected to work with both Korean Cultural Centre Canada (March 2022-November 2022) and KOCIS’ 12th class of Honorary Reporters (May 2022-December 2022).

Read more about the KOCIS and below.


The Korean Culture and Information Service was launched in 1971 as an arm of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

It serves as a communication bridge to promote Korea overseas, to shed light on international cultural exchanges and to bring that news back to the Korean audience.

Toward this end, they report on all of the Korean government’s ongoing policies, on all the president’s summit meetings and on all types of international cooperation.

In addition, they also host art performances, exhibits, music festivals and film festivals.

They also reach out to opinion leaders worldwide, to the international press, academia and to artists from around the globe.

About is the Internet portal that represents the voice of the Korean government and which promotes Korea online.

The origins of stretch back to The Korea Window, which the government launched in December 1995.

Even in those early days, the Korean government seized on the Internet, realizing that it would become the leading form of communication in an era of information and technology.

Currently, provides up-to-date information about Korea across a variety of fields, including government policies, international cooperation, cultural developments, the arts, history, social movements, science, technology, business, sports and so on.

We do so in nine languages: English, simplified Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, French, German and Vietnamese.

Most of the information at falls into one of five categories: News Focus, About Korea, Events, Resources and Government.

Thanks to these articles, readers can get information about Korea across many sectors through news articles, encyclopedia-style information sheets, explanations of government policies, reports about the president’s summits and diplomatic activities and even tourism information.

This is all provided across various media platforms, to promote Korea online and around the world. has been strengthening communication with its online readers worldwide through various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr, Weibo and Youku. In particular, Korea Clickers, our Facebook profile, has more than 600,000 “Likes” as of June 2019, becoming one of the most popular government social media profiles in Korea. engages in active communication with its neighbors around the world through its team of Honorary Reporters and its overseas columnists.

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