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The Art Scene of Korea

SeoulTheJourney loves the art vibe offered by Seoul and South Korea. Without a doubt, the MMCA, and the Whanki gallery are among our favourites. The art scene in Seoul, South Korea is diverse and vibrant, with a mix of traditional and contemporary art on display throughout the city. The National Museum of Modern and ContemporaryContinue reading “The Art Scene of Korea”

Ain’t it time for a meander

Let’s jump on the metro and go some place new. Let’s head north for a few surprises!. National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Changdong Residency Location: 257 Deongneung-ro, Dobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea MMCA Changdong Residency is well worth a visit and offers a fantastic range of unique exhibitions. The gallery is in a lovelyContinue reading “Ain’t it time for a meander”

Art + Science = a grand day

SeoulTheJourney is delighted to introduce one of the most inspiring Korean Contemporary artists, Lee Sook Ja. Lee played an incredible role in the development of the Korean contemporay art. Seoulthejourney happened to fall in love with Blue Barley Field Ox. She was born in Seoul back in 1942. She spent time studying at Hongik University withContinue reading “Art + Science = a grand day”

Six things to do on a lazy day in Seoul

With that summer feeling in the air, a luxury hotel for a relaxed weekend in Seoul is on the cards! Start your weekend with an early evening check-in at the Four Seasons Hotel in the heart of Seoul. The hotel is stylish and well placed to get to all parts of Jongno with easy transportContinue reading “Six things to do on a lazy day in Seoul”

Time for a little Cheongju!

Cheonju is a magical day trip from Seoul. It is home to a good number of tourist bucket list locations and SeoulTheJourney fell in love with their new kid on the block, MMCA Cheonju which opened back in 2018. The location serves as a gallery and a storage space for the amazing MMCA galleries. EarlierContinue reading “Time for a little Cheongju!”

Grand Day Out in Seoul

Many readers requested a suggestion for an arty day in Seoul. What a fun challenge and that is exactly what we are going to deliver you! Of course, we will take you from your morning coffee to that evening meal treat! We are going to start with a morning coffee at a very snug StarbucksContinue reading “Grand Day Out in Seoul”