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SeoulTheJourney wants to give you a lovely day in and around Jongno, a few ideas in a neighbourhood that is easy to find even more things to do! We start with the first stop exploring Jongno with a treat at the trendy cafe, MOLTO(몰토). The cafe is located just opposite the iconic Myeon Dong CathedralContinue reading “FOUR AWESOME THINGS TO DO IN JONGNO!”

Isn’t it time for a whirlwind tour?

Seoulthejourney loved the ease of exploring Seoul, let alone South Korea. We start our adventure in the trendy student town of Anam, the home of one of SKY universities, Korea University. Anam is a humble place to explore, there is a lovely blend of student digs, coffee shops, and restaurants that serve up a wideContinue reading “Isn’t it time for a whirlwind tour?”

Magical views and treats!

SeoulTheJourney has a magical day planned with plenty of treats waiting for you – let’s get going! Feel free to jump around the blog for more ideas – we would like to suggest some art adventures and should the weather not be so great – why not head to the mountains? Ediya Coffee Lab StartContinue reading “Magical views and treats!”

Six things to do on a lazy day in Seoul

With that summer feeling in the air, a luxury hotel for a relaxed weekend in Seoul is on the cards! Start your weekend with an early evening check-in at the Four Seasons Hotel in the heart of Seoul. The hotel is stylish and well placed to get to all parts of Jongno with easy transportContinue reading “Six things to do on a lazy day in Seoul”