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Valentine’s Day With A Korean Touch

SeoulTheJourney wants to offer you a couple of treats for a lovely romantic day with a Korean touch. Toronto Treats For a romantic date, Torontarians should head to High Park for a romantic morning stroll with a delicious morning brew from the lovely Korean cafe Cosette Coffee where you can order a Dalgona Coffee andContinue reading “Valentine’s Day With A Korean Touch”

No Better Way to Start The Day!

In the heart of the trendy Seongsu-dong neighbourhood in Seoul, there are many treasures to be discovered, yes – take a look at one of our previous posts here. Maple Top is an iconic location deserving of a mention by itself! The location is vibrant and lively from the moment you arrive. The design workContinue reading “No Better Way to Start The Day!”

New Year, New Adventures

SeoulTheJourney wants to start by saying – it is a delight to be back! We missed you! We enjoyed 2022, a year exploring all things Korean across Canada and Europe – let’s not forget South Korea. We took a break over the new year period and even had the chance to enjoy the chilly weatherContinue reading “New Year, New Adventures”

별+다방 A Unique Starbucks

Over twenty years, Starbucks has become a leader. For many consumers, the taste of that morning brew is the winner, and for others in South Korea, it is the atmosphere created by a unique design to the social space of a Korean Starbucks. One of the many new locations that opened in 2022, is StarbucksContinue reading “별+다방 A Unique Starbucks”

Five Things To Get You Started In Seongsu-Dong

SeoulTheJourney is addicted to Seoul, the coffee shops, the art galleries, and endless things yet to be discovered! Seongsu-Dong is a vibrant neighbourhood served by Ttukseom Station (뚝섬역) and Seongsu Station (성수역) on the Seoul Metro network, and it is a neighbourhood that is super accessible. It was named the ‘The Brooklyn of Seoul’. SeoulTheJourneyContinue reading “Five Things To Get You Started In Seongsu-Dong”

The Hyundai Seoul Is More Than A Department Store

The Hyundai Seoul opened back in 2021. It was in good view for fans of Penthouse that filmed in the trendy Fairmont Hotel and for shopping fans, art fans, foodies, coffee addicts, the arty type and everyone – a great place to check out! SeoulTheJourney recommends visiting the Hyundai Seoul for a coffee, pizza orContinue reading “The Hyundai Seoul Is More Than A Department Store”

Open Songhyeon Green Plaza – the newest park in town

Welcome to the newest park in Seoul alongside some snaps of the revamped and refreshed Gwanghwamun Plaza. On realizing a visit to Seoul was on the books for SeoulTheJourney, it was clear that the first must-visit and bucket-list required location would be the land that had been closed to the public for only 110 years.Continue reading “Open Songhyeon Green Plaza – the newest park in town”

Exploring The ROM

Toronto is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario and is viewed as a hub of business, finance, arts and culture. Toronto is home to around 54,000 Koreans, reports the Canada 2016 Census. The city is home to the famous Kim’s Convenience alongside a wide range of Korean experiences and artwork as it happens.Continue reading “Exploring The ROM”

More than meets the eye!

Gangnam is a vibrant neighbourhood and it is blessed with numerous shopping malls namely – Starfield COEX Mall, Lotte Tower-World Mall and The Express Bus Terminal (aka, Shinsegae Central City)- alongside a wealth of coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries and so much more! Not to forget the iconic aquariums and in this blog, we willContinue reading “More than meets the eye!”

Break out, Chill out around town

Luckily for a visitor to South Korea, the countless opportunity to experience something new and inspiring is easily achieved. Exploring the city, you will come across fun sculptures, markets and much more! Take the chance to walk around the lovely neighbourhood of Bangbae and enjoy sculptures such as this one sitting outside the offices ofContinue reading “Break out, Chill out around town”