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SeoulTheJourney wants to give you a lovely day in and around Jongno, a few ideas in a neighbourhood that is easy to find even more things to do! We start with the first stop exploring Jongno with a treat at the trendy cafe, MOLTO(몰토). The cafe is located just opposite the iconic Myeon Dong CathedralContinue reading “FOUR AWESOME THINGS TO DO IN JONGNO!”

[Special Blog] Buddha’s Birthday is back in 2022

Join in the birthday celebrations in April and a few other ideas for a great time around Seoul. Buddha’s birthday celebrations get underway on April 30 with the Lantern Festival starting at 7 p.m. The annual lantern parade hosted by the Korean Buddhist sect, The Jogye Order, is back after a 2-year break due toContinue reading “[Special Blog] Buddha’s Birthday is back in 2022”