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Magical views and treats!

SeoulTheJourney has a magical day planned with plenty of treats waiting for you – let’s get going! Feel free to jump around the blog for more ideas – we would like to suggest some art adventures and should the weather not be so great – why not head to the mountains? Ediya Coffee Lab StartContinue reading “Magical views and treats!”

To Seoul or away!

The choice between a few days in Seoul or a few days some place new – a tough choice SeoulTheJourney would argue! Seoulthejourney offers countless ideas for a lovely day in Seoul – check out this blog for one of our favourites here or take a chance on Jinju — take a train to BusanContinue reading “To Seoul or away!”

Hot Summer!

With COVID-19 restrictions eased, are you planning a trip to South Korea?   Have you just landed in Seoul and are looking for a quiet cafe to not only daydream about future travels but to plan your travels in Korea and beyond.  Neul Lounge is ideal as it offers you a relaxed atmosphere to indulge in thisContinue reading “Hot Summer!”

Gwangmyeong – more than Ikea!

When you hear ‘Gwangmyeong,’ it is very likely that Ikea will spring to mind in conversation. SeoultheJourney would certainly recommend a visit to Ikea. The Gwangmyeong Ikea was the first to open in South Korea and is easily accessible by the KTX high-speed train, metro and numerous bus services. This Ikea stretches only 53,739 squareContinue reading “Gwangmyeong – more than Ikea!”

Art + Science = a grand day

SeoulTheJourney is delighted to introduce one of the most inspiring Korean Contemporary artists, Lee Sook Ja. Lee played an incredible role in the development of the Korean contemporay art. Seoulthejourney happened to fall in love with Blue Barley Field Ox. She was born in Seoul back in 1942. She spent time studying at Hongik University withContinue reading “Art + Science = a grand day”

Something is brewing!

SeoulTheJourney wants to introduce the amazing annual fireworks that are coming back to Seoul (hopefully in 2022). In this blog, we will also introduce a major change for entry into Korea – the K-ETA that is essential for people from these countries to apply for before boarding the plane! The grapevine is full of talkContinue reading “Something is brewing!”

Breaktime in Busan

Busan is the second city in South Korea, home to nearly 4 million people and will charm you with beaches, shops and numerous activities. And, the more exciting news is that Busan is a candidate city for the World Expo in 2030 is certainly worth a long weekend or even a long spell! The cityContinue reading “Breaktime in Busan”

Bakeries fit for the First Lady of Korea – and you!

Kim Keon Hee (김건희), the new first lady of South Korea’s and wife of President Yoon Suk Yeol made the news recently for a visit to a bakery. In our latest blog, we will offer you a selection of cafes and bakeries that are well worth your visit – you don’t need to be theContinue reading “Bakeries fit for the First Lady of Korea – and you!”

Explore Suwon: The Toilet Museum and so much more!

Start your adventure in Suwon with something unique, a visit to the famous ‘Mr. Toilet House’. The well-known toilet-shaped house will add a certain sparkle to your day. Suwon is not only the home to famous international technology but is taking the lead on toilet culture. ‘Gaeddong-yi’ is often given to folks born in aContinue reading “Explore Suwon: The Toilet Museum and so much more!”

Six things to do on a lazy day in Seoul

With that summer feeling in the air, a luxury hotel for a relaxed weekend in Seoul is on the cards! Start your weekend with an early evening check-in at the Four Seasons Hotel in the heart of Seoul. The hotel is stylish and well placed to get to all parts of Jongno with easy transportContinue reading “Six things to do on a lazy day in Seoul”