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Tempting Vegan Treats, Temple moments & KIM WHANKI

Earlier this year, Starfield COEX welcomed a brand new restaurant to the Gangnam shopping mall for vegan consumers. During a recent trip to South Korea, SeoulTheJourney was excited to have the opportunity to visit the new restaurant, let alone to try a handful of Pulmuone products available at stores across the country. Could it beContinue reading “Tempting Vegan Treats, Temple moments & KIM WHANKI”

Open Songhyeon Green Plaza – the newest park in town

Welcome to the newest park in Seoul alongside some snaps of the revamped and refreshed Gwanghwamun Plaza. On realizing a visit to Seoul was on the books for SeoulTheJourney, it was clear that the first must-visit and bucket-list required location would be the land that had been closed to the public for only 110 years.Continue reading “Open Songhyeon Green Plaza – the newest park in town”

Exploring The ROM

Toronto is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario and is viewed as a hub of business, finance, arts and culture. Toronto is home to around 54,000 Koreans, reports the Canada 2016 Census. The city is home to the famous Kim’s Convenience alongside a wide range of Korean experiences and artwork as it happens.Continue reading “Exploring The ROM”

Hongdae calling!

Heading to Seoul, the number one destination for any visitor seeking an adventure and experience will be Hongdae! Unlike other neighbourhoods of the city, Hongdae is home to a vibrant art community. That comes with many activities to enjoy alongside a very funky nightlife! Hongdae is ideally located as the first port of call orContinue reading “Hongdae calling!”

More than meets the eye!

Gangnam is a vibrant neighbourhood and it is blessed with numerous shopping malls namely – Starfield COEX Mall, Lotte Tower-World Mall and The Express Bus Terminal (aka, Shinsegae Central City)- alongside a wealth of coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries and so much more! Not to forget the iconic aquariums and in this blog, we willContinue reading “More than meets the eye!”

Break out, Chill out around town

Luckily for a visitor to South Korea, the countless opportunity to experience something new and inspiring is easily achieved. Exploring the city, you will come across fun sculptures, markets and much more! Take the chance to walk around the lovely neighbourhood of Bangbae and enjoy sculptures such as this one sitting outside the offices ofContinue reading “Break out, Chill out around town”

Toronto Korean Festival

[Special Blog] As summer slowly comes to an end, Toronto hosted the Korean Festival which included a range of vendors that added sparkle to the festivities, there was even a Squid Game event (which, interestingly is coming to reality with a competition with a $4 million prize!). The event was hosted in North York andContinue reading “Toronto Korean Festival”

Isn’t it time for a whirlwind tour?

Seoulthejourney loved the ease of exploring Seoul, let alone South Korea. We start our adventure in the trendy student town of Anam, the home of one of SKY universities, Korea University. Anam is a humble place to explore, there is a lovely blend of student digs, coffee shops, and restaurants that serve up a wideContinue reading “Isn’t it time for a whirlwind tour?”

Ain’t it time for a meander

Let’s jump on the metro and go some place new. Let’s head north for a few surprises!. National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Changdong Residency Location: 257 Deongneung-ro, Dobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea MMCA Changdong Residency is well worth a visit and offers a fantastic range of unique exhibitions. The gallery is in a lovelyContinue reading “Ain’t it time for a meander”