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SeoulTheJourney wants to give you a lovely day in and around Jongno, a few ideas in a neighbourhood that is easy to find even more things to do!

  1. MOLTO 몰토 – Start the day with coffee

We start with the first stop exploring Jongno with a treat at the trendy cafe, MOLTO(몰토).

The cafe is located just opposite the iconic Myeon Dong Cathedral or 천주교 서울대교구 주교좌 명동대성당 with the view of Namsan Mountain and the Namsan Tower in easy eyeshot. 

Molto is a stylish Italian espresso bar on the third floor of the Page building, just off the main street and offers a balcony that will instantly send you to the heart of Europe. Yes, it will feel like sipping a brew on the streets of Milan, if not even Brussels!

Molto can be found at:

Address: 서울 중구 명동길 72 3층

73 Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul 3F 

Hours: 09:00-21:00, Closed on Sundays 

We recommend taking time to explore the shops around Myeon Dong, and if you are going to buy things – we recommend keeping your passport on you to ensure a simple Tax-Free experience!

For tax returns with Global Blue, we recommend downloading the app gives you a digital card that will keep your tax refund straightforward.

Do take the opportunity to visit Shinsegae and Lotte Department Store.

2. SK Telecom’s TUM Experience

We all know that South Korea is a leader in technology, and this experience will take you to another world.

SK Telecom provides a holiday within a holiday that will show you a glimpse of the future.

Take time to make a reservation for the to experience firsthand the SK Telecom vision of the new world that awaits us!

Reservations can be made here.

Location: SK T Tower 1st Fl. Information Desk, 65 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

3. Gwanghwamun 광화문

We suggest you explore Myeon Dong and Jongno as you weave toward the next stop, Gwanghwamun. Myeon Dong, the numerous department stores, will give you an insight into the Korean food and retail world.

Any tourist will find themselves at Gwanghwamun, SeoultheJourney has covered this location several times.

The iconic Gwanghwamun Plaza is a massive open space.

Be sure to take the opportunity to visit the Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin surrounded by the 12.23 Fountain, about the 23 battles he fought with only 12 ships and led to the Korean victory against the Japanese invasions.

Beyond the Admiral sits (literally) the statue of King Sejong the Great of Joseon, credited for the invention of the Korean alphabet.

It is worth noting that Gwanghwamun is well known for the major protests in 2016-17 by the Korean people who forced the removal of Park Geun-Hye from The Blue House, and much like previous presidents ended up in jail and later released.

SeoulTheJourney does recommend taking the chance to visit Gwanghwamun during the day and the evening.

SeoulTheJourney does recommend taking the chance to visit Gwanghwamun during the day and the evening.

Be sure to visit and relax along the Cheonggyecheon that starts just off Gwanghwamun at Cheonggye Plaza (Sejong-ro), a beautiful stream that runs across the city.

There is a little gem a little walk from here!

4. HiKR Ground 

HiKR Ground is one of the latest treats designed for visitors to South Korea and opened in the early summer of 2022!

Yes, you were right -> HiKR stands for ‘Hi’ + ‘Korea’ and is a truly remarkable place to get a better picture of modern-day Korea. No doubt a visit to Korea is a must for any fan of the KWAVE.

Take the chance to delve into the amazing world of Korean content from arts, smart technology and much more!

SeoulTheJourney enjoyed the ‘HiKR Art Museum as a fan of Korean art so without bias… we suggest you visit the third floor!

And for our fellow social media addicts, we want to suggest taking a visit to the fifth floor to enjoy the ‘HiKR Lounge’ and that great opportunity for that Instagram moment.

Location: 40, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 중구 청계천로 40)

Tempted for another exciting plan – take a look here

Photos by Simon Williams-Im (C)


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